I. English Communicative Competence

l  Oral Proficiency

l  Written Proficiency

l  Organizational Knowledge

l  Pragmatic Knowledge

l  Communication strategies



Oral English Production

l  Accuracy

l  Fluency

l  Complexity

l  Comprehensibility

l  Communication strategies

l  Social-cultural/pragmatic knowledge

l  Background knowledge of relevant subjects

l  Listening Comprehension

l  Amount of vocabulary & expressions

l  Sensitivity to the target language phonological features

l  Social-cultural knowledge of the target language

l  Background knowledge of the topic in discussion



Reading Proficiency

l  Amount of vocabulary & idiomatic expressions

l  Syntactic structures of the language

l  Writing patterns/discourse structures

l  Writing style & genres

l  Prior knowledge of the text topic

l  Extensive reading experience



Writing Skills

l  Vocabulary & idiomatic expressions available from your mind

l  Syntactic/grammatical knowledge

l  Discourse/text structure knowledge

l  Background knowledge of the topic in question

l  Experience in generating & organizing ideas



II. Knowledge About English

l  Phonetics

l  phonology

l  Word structure & usage

l  Vocabulary & expressions

l  Syntax

l  Semantics

l  Pragmatics



III. Knowledge About Learners

l  Level of English proficiency

l  English learning experience

l  Cognitive maturity

l  Life experience

l  Interests

l  Personality

l  Learning style

l  Motivation & needs



IV. Knowledge About Language Acquisition

l  How does a learner acquire a language?

l  What makes English learning easy or hard?

l  What is the role of L1?

l  What is the role of formal instruction?

l  What are the learner-related factors?

l  What are the environmental factors?

l  What are better learning strategies?



V. Knowledge About Instruction

l  Language teaching approaches

l  Language teaching methods

l  Selecting teaching materials

l  Preparing teaching materials

l  Presenting teaching materials

l  Monitoring learning processes

l  Evaluating teaching results

l  VI. Knowledge About Teaching Goals

l  Know the curriculum goals

l  Know objectives of each lesson



VII. Knowledge About Teaching Materials

l  Know your teaching materials very well

l  Know the needed teaching aids

l  Know the needed supplementary materials



VIII. Knowledge About Teaching Resources

l  What are the resources available to you?

l  Who can help you solve your problems in teaching?

l  How rich is your resources?

l  How efficient can you solve your problems?

l  Where can you find references you need?

l  Where & how can you advance your professional knowledge?

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