Table of Contents

n  Rationales for the need of such a model

n  The structure of the model

n  The selection of reading materials

n  Teaching activities

n  Compared with typical traditional reading instruction

n  Empirical evidence

n  Why does it work?

n  Some practical concerns

n  Conclusion & suggestions

Rationales for the Need of Such a Model

n  ER experience is critical to improve EFL learners’ reading ability

n  Most local high school students lack ER experience

The Selection of Reading Materials

n  Allow diverse topics and contents

n  Use authentic materials

n  Level reading materials

n  Instruct students how to select appropriate reading materials for themselves

n  Meaningful, interesting, and sense of achievement are the key for success

Teaching Activities

n  Reading strategies and skills teaching

n  Reading demonstration

n  Real reading practice

n  Discussion about their problems & difficulties

n  Sharing their findings & experience

Compared with Typical Traditional Reading Instruction

n  Extensive

n  Authentic materials

n   Strategy & skill focused

n  Learning to read by real reading

n  Developing reading comprehension ability

n  Can  easily integrate four skills of language

n  Intensive

n  Textbooks

n  Explanation & translation oriented

n  By learning the structures of language

n  Developing linguistic knowledge

n  Focusing more on ling analysis


Empirical Evidence

n  Case A: Senior High in Changhua City, Comparative experimental studies.

n  Case B: Junior high in Taichung City

n  Case C: Senior & junior high in Yun-lin County

n  Case D: A Bilingual Elementary School in Yun-lin County

n  Case E: College freshmen students

Why Does This Model Work?

n  Students are highly motivated because their have control over their learning

n  Students experienced the sense of achievement

n  Students can make meaning out of texts & can thus enjoy reading activity

Some Practical Concerns

n  Teacher has to help with the resources

n  Teacher has to monitor the progress of individual learning

n  Teacher has to use multiple criteria for learning evaluation

Conclusion & Suggestions

n  This is a useful, practical & easy model for high school English instruction. It’s effective in improving students’ reading proficiency.

n  Start using such a model in early stages of students’ English learning.

n  More encouragements, less pressure

n  Choice, diversity, & strategy are the key for success.

Some Final Thoughts

n  What would be your ideal reading class like were you a high school students?

n  Be flexible, creative, resourceful, etc. in your reading instruction.

n  Extensive reading is not the only type of reading instruction students need.

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